Sociology Quiz: Can You Spot the Sexism and Ageism?

Can you spot the sexism and ageism in this ad for MTV? The ageism is pretty obvious but let’s see if you can spot the sexism.

Answer and comment below the fold.

"Sorry, Mom !"… They can’t help themselves, can they?

It is typical though: young cool people, no substance whatsoever, ageism and sexism. The Obama campaign in a nutshell. It’s beyond parody.

Update : Corrente commenter Amberglow gets it exactly right:

"I only had a mom – like millions of other ppl our age and younger—at least for most of our childhoods. We had a Mom who took care of us and loved us and brought us up—not “parents” or “mom and dad”. (and even after getting a stepdad, he was never the important one—Mom was, and always will be, w/Grandma a very close 2nd)

It’s actually one deeply rooted very personal reason why Obama’s obsession with his missing dad, and his scolding of AA absentee dads, and the near-absence of his mom and grandma in his speeches, and his sexism towards Hillary, and his tepid-at-most support for choice and equality, etc, alienates me from him. (Every single time he goes off about fathers i want to smack him and see it as denigrating his mother and all mothers as incomplete — and wonder why he never spends that much time on mothers in society and their needs—seriously.)"

2 thoughts on “Sociology Quiz: Can You Spot the Sexism and Ageism?

  1. This ad ended any chance that I would vote for Obama. I’m a mom and a former Democrat who supported Hillary. I’ve always had hope until now.

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