The Price of Social Stigmas

I have already posted on this.

Any physical difference from the norm can be seized upon and used against the individuals who can do nothing about them. These individuals, deviant because of a physical characteristic (in this case, one they do not control) are then subjected to dehumanization and violence, used as scapegoats and otherwise see their capacity for social participation drastically limited.

Case on point, via the BBC.

In this case, the combination of social stigma with traditional beliefs and possibilities of profits on both side of the transaction (witchdoctors and patients) and the inevitable police corruption create a deadly situation for many albinos in that region.

2 thoughts on “The Price of Social Stigmas

  1. You know, I’m not sure because it seems to be dealt with only locally. I have not seen any major human rights organizations talking about it. I’ve only seen the BBC reporting on it.
    I plan on using the case for my intro to soc class and talking about it to whoever will listen.

    On another topic, VPS, are you going to be in Boston? Is there a socblogger meeting beyond the Scatterplot party (which I’ll miss… I arrive Friday morning)?

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