Heading for a Mayan Collapse?

At the very least, there are lessons to be learned from complex societies that collapsed, as Jared Diamond demonstrated.

Hmmm… let’s see, environmental pressures? Check. Economic collapse? Check. Failure of political leadership? Check? Seems we have all the right conditions here for a major global disaster. It would not be a bad idea to reflect back indeed on Jared Diamond‘s book, Collapse.

How much can we stretch these parallels between ancient and modern? Well, one need only re-read Thomas Frank‘s One Market Under God to be reminded of the potency of The Market as religious dogma.

What is obvious though is the current convergence of conditions that point to a perfect global storm on multiple levels. Add to our current environment, economic and political woes the rising global inequalities within and between societies and the persistence of religious fundamentalist movements combined with the inability of the elites to provide leadership and new perspectives (all these bailouts are more of the same and only reinforce the crisis of legitimacy), and the picture is indeed quite gloomy.

The big question will be whether we will take measures to deal with this multi-layered crisis and whether these measures will be enough.

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