The Cloud Minders

David Korten opens his book, When Corporations Rule The World, with a reference to an episode of Star Trek – The Original Series, titled The Cloud Minders as a metaphor for the gross inequalities generated by the global capitalist system and the inability of the transnational capitalist class to understand the plight of the poorest:

This article in Le Nouvel Observateur reminded me of that:

One thought on “The Cloud Minders

  1. The practical and social impacts of cancer are hard to underestimate and seem poorly recognized and misunderstood. Do you have any references on the sociological impacts of cancer, on the social psychology of cancer & cancer recovery, or on studies that show promise for successful re-integration into society post-cancer treatment? IMO, the social and cultural consequences of cancer and cancer survivorship deserve
    far better attention and imo some of this attention would serve well across a span of cultures.
    Thanks for another absorbing post.

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