The Bush Legacy in Iraq – $100 for An Honor Killing

Remember how the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were really wars that liberated women from oppression? Well, I have already posted on the Taliban throwing acid in school girls’ faces in Afghanistan, and now this:

Totally unsurprisingly, the police is not to eager to arrest the perpetrators and the courts can’t be bothered to convict them even when faced with definitive evidence. After all, women are property and if the sluts would stop shaming their families and accept their chattel status, everything would be fine.

Of course, if there had been any Post-war plans to make sure that there’d be no power vacuum and if religious militias had not been accepted as de facto regional governments, these things might not have happened. And if the reconstruction focus had been more on institutions like education, rather the market and oil production… you get the drift.

The creation of yet another theocracy in the Middle East at our expenses… that was all worth it. And then, we’ll leave, of course, and the women of Iraq will be left to fend for themselves.

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