Gee… What a Surprise! Women More Affected By Economic Hard Times

And add another factor pertaining to gender inequalities:

It would be nice to see something like that implemented in the US as part of whatever stimulus program the new administration is considering.

3 thoughts on “Gee… What a Surprise! Women More Affected By Economic Hard Times

  1. Let’s not forget that the retail and hospitality industry typically pays loads less than manufacturing and construction. Logically, then, people in retail and hospitality will have less of an economic cushion if they do lose their jobs. The idea of “equity” in job losses elides the truth that the economy punishes women (and work thought of as “women’s work) disproportionately.

    • You’re right… the use of “equity” or “equal opportunity recession” made me cringe when I read the article (unions have a long way to go when it comes to gender equity), but this also reveals a framework where men’s work is the “default” working option, and women’s work is a variation from it.

  2. That’s really upsetting, although like you I’m not surprised. Women are not only affected by job loss, but by supporting husbands and families that are going through these tough times. I thank God for my wife sometimes, as she has helped me so much she doesn’t even know.

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