How Bad Is It? Look at The Pretty Graph

Click on the image for a bigger and better view (Citigroup looks especially REALLY bad):


Not to worry though, the bailout will go to them, but not to family planning programs or any cram-down provisions to help homeowners.

And for the dense among us, here are two very articulate explanations of why support for family planning programs perfectly belongs in an economic stimulus bill:

And Susan Madrak (with extra indignation for good measure):

It is hard to believe that in the 21st century, those who should know better still assume that only men are wage earners and women are mostly homemakers. It’s like deindustrialization and the rise of the service and information economy never happened. And when the information economy does get discussed, it’s understood as a male economy as well: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and the other geeks who invented everything, no mention of the cohorts of glass-ceilinged women working in these industries.

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