Anomie in The UK

Indeed, looks like social solidarity is down the tube:

How could this possibly happen? Deregulate… Drive policy as if there was "no such thing as a society… only individuals and their families"… slash and burn the social safety net:

Read that again: "Someone in Great Britain loses their home once every seven minutes ."

Let’s not forget that England went through a bloody class warfare and the working class lost as the supposed necessary prerequisite to "reforms" and "modernization of the economy". The implicit promise was that some suffering was necessary but in the end, everything would be fine once that economic upgrade was completed, prosperity would be shared. All that was required was the shedding of the heavily unionized economic sectors, privatization would bring greater efficiency and deregulation would bring creativity.

Now is the time to put that myth to rest once and for all.

London Calling!

One thought on “Anomie in The UK

  1. Thatcher denied that society exists. Blair – while lying about the £1 milion bung he took for New Labour from Bernie Ecclestone so they could cancermonger tobacco via Formula 1 advertising In fact we live in a Bent Society. Should politicians have to swear an oath of honesty and ethics – that if they breach they are excommunicated? Do we need to invent a moral IQ test?

    How would Thatcher, Blair and Brown fair on such a test? What about Bush? Would Obama score a perfect 100? said he was a “straight guy” … :

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