2 thoughts on “Mass Hysteria 2.0 – Swine Flu Edition (A Taste of the Future)

  1. Yeah but maybe it is more honest to take the tougher academic line of saying BE VERY CONCERNED. THE moral panic argument is overdone and often dishonest: There is however a counter argument to yours – namely that despite the low possibility of their being a lethal pandemic in Europe that the very certainty that such a thing WILL one day happen should alert us to take personal responsibility. Your “moral panic” argument is the easiest academic path of least resistance ….the refuge of the lazy perhaps:

    see: http://bentsocietyblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/do-be-concerened-aboit-flying-pig-flu.html

    • Actually, the cartoon is more about the so-called information or knowledge society and its promotion through new information and communication technologies.

      Personally, this swine flu thing evokes more Beck’s Risk Society or Kai Erikson’s A New Species of Trouble (pun probably intended). I also think this one additional data point of capitalism’s systemic collapse as it has everything to do with the global organization of food chains.

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