The Labor Market for Sociologists… Down

I am intrigued by the "open search / more than one rank" category… if my college is any indication, it might mean position that were advertised but won’t be filled and yet, colleges have not closed the search. Or, as happened here again, the colleges and universities got smaller pools than usual and are keeping the searches open, waiting for the perfect candidate. (We were lucky, we did get the perfect candidate)

3 thoughts on “The Labor Market for Sociologists… Down

  1. I think open search usually means that they will hire any rank. That usually means they hire assistant professor because it is cheapest. It usually happens when some senior leader in a field retires and the college decides it wants to maintain the strength in that field, so they’ll advertise and get full professors, associates, and finally likely hire an assistant professor because someone will make the argument that… she or he is an up and coming leader in the field, which may be true. But the important point is that… the college will save that money to spend elsewhere.

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