Let Women Take Over, Says Kenyan Newspaper

While I was in Kenya, my driver / guide noticed that I was interested in politics, so, every day, he’d get me a different newspaper to read we’d discussed Kenyan politics or he’d explain the disastrous effects of global warming on Kenyan agriculture, hoping that Obama would ratify the Kyoto Protocol. That made for pretty interesting discussions.

Anyhoo, while reading one of said newspapers, I couldn’t help but be interested by this op-ed in the Kenyan Daily Nation (the respectable Kenyan newspaper… not like that firebrandish Citizen! – no website yet)

HA! And the searing indictment goes on…

And concludes that men are wimps…

I understand this op-ed may have good intentions, but isn’t it a bit easy to just dump the whole mess on women and say "here, we f!@#ed up, you fix it!".

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