China’s Communist Party as Effective Capitalist Government and US State as Rent Seeker?

At least more effective than the US government, according to Tony Karon.

Seems ironic, isn’t it?

Actually, I would argue, following Neil Fligstein’s typology (The Architecture of Markets, p.46), and considering the financial crisis and latest US Supreme Court decision that the US government is not (no longer?) the “executive committee” of the capitalist system:

Dominant Groups and Their Effects on Policy Domains and Forms of Economic Intervention
Dominant Group Policy Domains Economic Intervention
State as rent seeker Predatory Haphazard; open to corruption
Capitalists Regulatory Capture by capitalist interests
Workers Impossible in capitalism?  
Capitalist – State coalition Regulatory; state could be directing or brokering development State controls finance, utilities, infrastructures; represses workers
Worker – State coalition Welfare state; direct intervention in product and labor markets State ownership of firms, extension of worker protections
Capitalist – worker stand-off Policies respond to who is dominant; state acts as broker Strongest groups get favorable policies; compromise

Could it be that we are on our way towards the US state as rent seeker?

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