Debunking Misconceptions About Sociology

Over at The Sociological Imagination, Josh McCabe has a truly great post where he dispatches common misconceptions about sociology especially compared to economics. The whole thing is a must-read. The misconceptions he debunks?

  1. Sociology is all mushy methods (often proclaimed by people who swear only by statistical models with only remote connection to reality)

  2. Sociology is ideological (often proclaimed by – of course non-ideological – free marketeers)

  3. Sociology is all about activism (often proclaimed by people with cushy jobs in think tanks where they can engage in institutional activism)

  4. Sociology is irrelevant (translation: if someone studies something I am not interested in, then the whole discipline is irrelevant… guess what, social reality is incredibly diverse, so are topics for sociological research)

As the kids say, go read the whole thing.

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