The Patriarchy Continuum – Breast Ironing in Cameroon

(Via Atheist Media Blog) And yes, it is patriarchal practice even when i involves only women. It is part of all these cultural practices one finds in many parts of the world where bodily modification and mutilations are used to “protect” (i.e. control) women from sex and pregnancy. This is very similar to FGM. One could consider wearing a veil, burqa or niqab as similar in that the body is not directly mutilated but still under patriarchal control and hidden.

And yes, any cultural practice that involves involuntary mutilation is wrong.

Also, this:

“Like any 12-year-old, Jamelia was excited at the prospect of a plane journey and a long summer holiday in the sun. An avid reader, she had filled her suitcases with books and was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when her mother came for her. “She said, ‘You know it’s going to be today?’ I didn’t know exactly what it would entail but I knew something was going to be cut. I was made to believe it was genuinely part of our religion.”

She went on: “I came to the living room and there were loads of women. I later found out it was to hold me down, they bring lots of women to hold the girl down. I thought I was going to be brave so I didn’t really need that. I just lay down and I remember looking at the ceiling and staring at the fan.

“I don’t remember screaming, I remember the ridiculous amount of pain, I remember the blood everywhere, one of the maids, I actually saw her pick up the bit of flesh that they cut away ’cause she was mopping up the blood. There was blood everywhere.”

Some 500 to 2,000 British schoolgirls will be genitally mutilated over the summer holidays. Some will be taken abroad, others will be “cut” or circumcised and sewn closed here in the UK by women already living here or who are flown in and brought to “cutting parties” for a few girls at a time in a cost-saving exercise.”

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