Trickle up – Trickle Down – How (In)Equality Matters

Via Jessica Sherwood on Twitter, what a great representation of the effect of inequality on income. So, let’s play. I used $45,000 income, which is roughly average in the US.

So, at current inequality level in the US:

Now, if we had instead Sweden’s much greater redistribution:


On the other hand, if we had levels of inequality comparable to Brazil:

Oh goodness.

Also note how the dials on the right-hand side change as inequalities go up or down.

Your turn.

3 thoughts on “Trickle up – Trickle Down – How (In)Equality Matters

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  2. Never fear, Sweden will catch up, it has had a bourgeois government (whether left or right) ever since the assassination of Palme in 1986, coinciding with the crumbling of the Warsaw Pact. I like the way the presentation shows the relationship between extremes of wealth and poverty and homicide (and no doubt other crimes).

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