Racism By Any Other Name

Of course, this should be called “keep the brown-skinned people out of white Europe”, but let’s just call it a revision of the Schengen border treaty. It sounds much nicer. It is no surprise that this is proposed by France’s Sarkozy and Italy’s Berlusconi. It is one thing to cheer on the revolutions in the Middle East, it is quite another to accept their refugees:

“Italy and France asked the European Union today to revise the Schengen border treaty that permits passport-free travel through Europe to take into account “exceptional” situations like the recent massive flood of Tunisian immigrants.

France has harshly criticized Italy for granting temporary residency permits to some 20,000 Tunisian migrants who have arrived in Italy since the North Africa nation’s dictator was overthrown in mid-January. Most Tunisians want eventually to get to France, Tunisia’s former colonial ruler, where many have relatives.


“We want Schengen to survive, but to survive Schengen must be reformed,” Sarkozy told reporters after the meeting. “We believe in free circulation but we believe in a state of law and a certain number of rules.”

Berlusconi said no one wanted to cancel the treaty but said “in exceptional circumstances we believe there must be variations.””

Right. Variations in the skin color of who can travel through Europe without passport.

Again, enjoy the amount of euphemization:

“The two leaders warned that the upheavals in north Africa “could swiftly become an out-and-out crisis capable of undermining the trust our fellow citizens place in the free circulation within the Schengen area”.”

Anything to avoid saying “we don’t want the Arabs”.

2 thoughts on “Racism By Any Other Name

    • In that case, we’re talking about mostly Tunisian refugees, and France clearly supported Ben Ali until the very end when it became more a source of embarrassment.

      Besides, helping rebels is one thing, doesn’t mean we want these damn Arabs in Europe, dammit! *sigh* 🙁

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