The Global Uniformity of Privilege

Via Africa is a Country (a site you should bookmark), get your puke bag:

Yup, it is the South African version of “Real Housewives of (Wherever)”.

“In Helen Zille’s Western Cape, MTV is currently filming, “Clifton Shores,” a reality TV series about a group of mostly white, young people (four Americans and three South Africans “who serve as their guides to life in a new country”) predictably working for an events company and “having fun” in Clifton, a wealthy district of Cape Town on the other side of Table Mountain. The producers promise that Cape Town, “… a new and exotic location for US audiences,” has “European style and African spirit in equal abundance,” and that the show “… will showcase the glamorous lifestyle of Cape Town’s rich and fabulous.””

What I find striking is how much these women look like their counterpart in the wealthy counties of the US and how much they look like each other. And from this advertising picture, I am not entirely sure where the African spirit is, because all I see is the (more or less tanned) whiteness and the beach bodies of women whose only physical activity is to work out with a personal trainer to keep the size 0 and less for wealthy men.

And besides, between the dresses, accessories and shoes, these are not outfits in which you can do much of anything except stand there and be pretty. File that as all the ways in which objects and clothes reflect how we live, by class, race or gender.

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