3 thoughts on “The Visual Du Jour – Globalization = Uniformization

  1. Thanks for this post. Can you tell us a bit more? I see the contrast between the two images. Nice reference to Cynthia Enloe. Her book provides an analysis of how men and women in the military are socialised into using violence as a way to subjugate others. She looks at the ways through which this socialisation relates to power hierarchies that exist within militaries. Abuse and humiliation are tools of war – but Enloe also notes that women are often – though not exclusively – the victims of these crimes.

    With respect to what’s happening in Cairo – I just posted on Google+ that the violence in Egypt is being analysed from a gender perspective in the Huffing Post. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/17/egypt-protests-brutal-force_n_1155665.html) The violence is being used indiscriminately against unarmed protesters of both genders and from different age groups, so I’m not sure that gender is the main issue here. Social scientists see that the use of violence on unarmed people is inexcusable, which is why I’m objecting to the current way in which this otherwise useful Huffpost article is being framed. The images you post here suggest something important, but can you please tell us a bit more explicitly what you mean?

    Thanks, as always, for your thought provoking posts.

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