The Visual Du Jour – Visualizing Decline

Through higher education:

As the article notes:

“In the 1970s and 1980s, the US led the world on college enrollment. In fact, since the passing of the GI bill in 1944, America had been forging a path. That bill led to 2.2 million American infantrymen attending university in the 12 years in was in effect.

But a generation later, the US hasn’t changed at all, while the rest of the developed world has more or less caught up with it – and some of its key competitors have overtaken it.

The country could once boast the best educated workforce in the world. No longer.”

2 thoughts on “The Visual Du Jour – Visualizing Decline

  1. Actually, Germany isn’t that surprising. Since Germany has a very different educational system than the US.
    Where everyone in the US who has a higher educational degree might be considered to have finished University. (or at least a large percentage)
    The same doesn’t hold true for Germany. I wonder if this has been taken into account in the graph…

    “…and because many jobs which do require a college degree in other countries (such as nursing) require only a qualification from a school (such as Krankenschwesternschule), which does not count as college.”

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