The Visual du Jour – Peace

The annual Global Peace Index for 2012:

No big surprises here: Sudan, DRC, Yemen, Iran and Afghanistan “top” the list of least peaceful countries and Scandinavia still has the most peaceful countries, with Iceland as number 1, with the rest of Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand in the same category. I wonder what all these countries have in common.

What the index is based on:

The US Peace index dates from 2010 and, big surprise:

The top 15 most peaceful states:

The bottom (least peaceful) states:

This certainly supports the thesis that greater structural violence creates more of other kinds of interpersonal violence.

2 thoughts on “The Visual du Jour – Peace

  1. The map designating the world peace has a brillinat idea behind- but I wonder how the countries which are making war beyond their own borders,on foreign territory will be indexed?

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