Infographic PSA: The Good and The Not-So-Good

So, yes, I’m getting more and more into the infographic and data visualization thing. So, this is a simple and useful worksheet.

(The point is, you still need to go read The Functional Art for more specific ideas. The above is a nice starting point but no more than that)

But take this, for instance:

I think it clearly illustrates a trend and makes a very visual point.

As opposed to this:

The problem here is that the story is not clear. I mean, ok, high poverty states tend to vote for Romney but the pattern is far from clear and unambiguous. This is an interactive map, so, you can play around with different indicators but you end up with the same not-very-clear maps and with no explanation, I am not sure what the point is and what we are supposed to be looking at/for.

That being said, the Guardian Datablog is one of the best around, so, it should be in everyone’s RSS feed.

One thought on “Infographic PSA: The Good and The Not-So-Good

  1. The first infographic is not a good example of how to do a good infographic. If your infographic relies on non-intuitive controls (or controls at all, really), it’s probably not a good infographic.

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