It’s No Longer Just The Sociologists Who Say It Now

It’s “serious” economists! (So, surely, someone will listen)

“But, beyond this, we cannot carry on with a system that allows so much of the national income and wealth to pile up in so few hands. Concerted redistribution of wealth and income has frequently been essential to the long-term survival of capitalism. We are about to learn that lesson again.”

Don’t be so sure. It’s austerity time, no matter how miserable it makes people.

And predictably:

“Greece used to have the lowest suicide rate in Europe. But suicides are rising rapidly, coinciding with Greece’s poor economy and crushing austerity cuts, according to the Greek Reporter. Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has now issued a new report on suicide attempts in response to a request from the Coalition of the Radical Left lawmakers.

The latest figures show that there were 677 suicide attempts in Greece in 2009, 830 in 2010 and 927 in 2011, Press TV reported. Greeks planning suicide now often pick locations near banks, government or tax offices, such as an elderly Greek man in April who shot himself outside parliament. In a suicide note, he said his pensions had been wiped out.”

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