Visualizing The World Risk Society

That is the worthy goal of the report – World Risk 2013 – published by the World Economic Forum, (yes, the Davos guys). It is a pretty dense report, so, before I go into the visualization aspect, check out this handy video (there is a whole videos page) explaining how the report works:

Here is my exploration of this visualization:

Global Risks 2013 from SocProf on Vimeo.

The report also contains static images for each specific sub-sections. So, here are a few snapshots.

The overall survey results:

It is a bit hard to read but you can still spot the areas of concentration in the mini-scatterplots for each risk probability of occurrence and impact. For instance, for “severe income disparity”, you can tell this is one of the highest ranked economic risk, with a darker dot at the top right of the scatterplot. Similarly, in the societal category (red), “water supply crisis” ranks high on both axes as well.

In the video, the year-to-year scatterplot was not very useful, but this static image is:

In this case, you can clearly identify which risk perception have increased or decreased over time.

The overall network map is also pretty impressive but the animated / interactive version is more useful and readable:

The top 10 risks:

The centers of gravity (you need to click on the image for a larger view):

The impact of global warming:

And last but not least, one that is a bit scary:

Check out the whole website for a lot more material on all of this.

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