I teach sociology and global studies at a large Midwestern community college. I am a French expat.

I am a human rights activist, partner of conscience with Amnesty International, the sponsor of 7 girls around the world with Children International, a contributor to Planned Parenthood, and a Kiva microlender.

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  1. My name is Ryan Geyer and I graduated from Texas A&M in 2008 with a B.S. in Sociology.

    I would like to introduce a website that I have just launched that has turned out to have, what I believe, profound sociological implications. I titled the subject of this email “Sociology Project” because I believe this site has great potential sociologically.

    The site is http://trenspot.com

    We take the top ten trending topics from the web’s most popular news and social media sites and put it in one place. Not only do we put all the top trends in one place, we identify matching trends across theses sites. The red dots that you will see delineate the topics that have been hot across the various sites.

    Sociologically it has been very interesting. As we have been wading through the reformation of our health care system, subjects that have to do with pop culture are seemingly just as important to people visiting the sites that we poll. For example, Tiger Woods and Jesse James have garnered as much attention on trenspot with their infidelity as last week’s historic legislation.

    It’s also interesting to watch the important topics throughout ebb and flow as the day progresses. For instance, sites with a strong appeal to teenagers (Twitter, YouTube, and Viral Video Chart) tend to be more active in the afternoon, suggesting a higher rate of teenage usage. This immediately draws my attention to the fact that kids get out of school and instantly begin to tweet and watch youtube videos concerning topics of pop culture. It has been interesting to watch.

    As a student of sociology I have been very interested in what we are seeing throughout the day. It has also been interesting to see which stories make the top ten lists for CNN vs. Fox News vs. the Wall Street Journal, etc.

    We are young and moving quickly. The niche that we have found is that we are a website of popular news. We are not breaking news; we’re popular news and that is what gives us the ability to see what people find important or interesting.

    I appreciate your time. My contact info is below and I’d be excited to hear any feedback or suggestions that you may have.


    Ryan Geyer

    Email: rgeyer@trenspot.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/trenspot

  2. Buna ziua,

    As fi interesat de un link-exchange intre motruinfo.ro si blogul dvs. Daca sunteti interesat astept un email pe diana@motruinfo.ro

    Cu respect,
    Balanoiu Diana

    (Dupa vizualizare as avea rugamintea ca acest comentariu sa fie sters)
    PS: Va rog includeti link-ul si titlul dorit pentru a va adauga.

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for maintaining such an informative blog! As the Outreach Coordinator for the new Transnational and Global Section of the American Sociological Association, I wanted to contact you because our section has many intersecting interests with the topics you cover. We welcome members from all disciplines and all parts of the world. Initiated in 2007 and officially underway for about a year, the section already has more than 500 members. It is developing a range of activities and will begin sponsoring research paper sessions at the annual meeting of the ASA in 2011.

    Our Facebook page is for sharing resources on global issues, and your blog is featured on our page as an example of a site where people can find information on such issues: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-and-Transnational-Sociology-Section-of-the-ASA/161884353830040?v=wall

    In addition to our Facebook community page, our section has a web site,


    Warm Regards,
    Laura Toussaint

  4. Salut, je suis Ashkuff.
    Desole pour mon mal grammaire.
    Comme vous, je suis le boss du blog des sciences sociales. Et, bien que je suis content avec mon “traffic”, je ne suis pas content avec combien “comments” j’ai. You might think that social science fans would be more sociable, huh?

    I am looking for six social science bloggers interested in cross commenting on each other’s posts every week. Nothing too long-winded. Just a brief exchange of thoughts. I got a hold of you specifically, because you’re a formal sociologist and I could use a more formal perspective on my less-than-formal ethnography. Further, I really like your use of visualizations in your posts.

    Between the other blogger’s comments, and your own responses to them, your comment thread should ideally gain a dozen weekly additions. While rewarding in its own right, having an already active comment thread should also encourage yet more comments.

    Interested or not, please get back to me at your earliest convenience,
    so we know if we should save you a space.

  5. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog; there’s so much food for thought here. I’ll visit more after I finish my dissertation!

  6. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited your blog, and I still love it! I have no idea how you find the time to keep it up with a full time community college teaching load. I can barely keep my head above water.

    • Thanks Sydney. I blog on my terms and my own time. If I’m too busy with grading, I just take a few days off blogging. Nor will I blog unless I have some materials I feel like blogging about.

  7. Hi,

    I wanted to give you a heads up that the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) released the United States Peace Index on April 6, a report which I hope you might find interesting as it fits in well with your blog’s discussions of social issues.

    The U.S. Peace Index rates states by levels of peacefulness, defined by the absence of violence. The aim of the USPI is to further understand the types of environments associated with peace, quantify the potential economic benefits of increased peacefulness, analyze the fabric of peace within the United States, and serve as a framework for additional studies. The data used to construct the Index is drawn from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Centers for Disease Control.

    The Institute for Economics and Peace estimates that at a time when states and lawmakers in Washington are struggling to balance budgets, reductions in violence, crime and incarcerations to the same levels as Canada would result in more than $360 billion in savings and additional economic activity. The USPI also found that a state’s ranking is strongly correlated with 15 socioeconomic factors, including high school graduation rates, infant mortality, access to basic services, labor force participation rates, and rates of poverty and teenage pregnancy. Meanwhile, factors such as median income and a state’s political affiliation had no discernable impact on a state’s level of peace. The index also reveals that overall peacefulness in the United States has increased 8% in the last two decades.

    IEP is the international think-tank that produces the annual Global Peace Index, a ground-breaking analysis that ranks 149 countries by levels of peace, as well as being dedicated to building a greater understanding of the key drivers and measures of peace and to identifying the economic benefits that increased peacefulness can deliver.

    The report was publicly released on April 6 with maps and charts available on the Vision of Humanity website (http://www.visionofhumanity.org/info-center/us-peace-index/), let us know if you’d like to have additional info or speak with someone on our team.

    We will be hosting an event New York on April 11 for the release, in addition to the one that was held in D.C. on April 6. You can register at http://ny-uspeaceindex.eventbrite.com.

    Best regards,

    Aurelle Amram
    Institute for Economics & Peace

  8. Hi there,

    Great blog! I was wondering if you accept guest posts — I’d love an opportunity to contribute to your blog. Please let me know!

    – J

    • Geez, I don’t even know who you are. Well, it would be nice if you introduced yourself, first. Are you a sociologist? Do you have a blog or a site where I can see the kind of stuff you write?

  9. Professor Zygmunt Bauman – Documentary

    To Whom It May Concern

    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Grzegorz Lepiarz and I am the producer of the documentary film: ‘The Trouble with Being Human These Days’. I am writing to you as I am currently seeking an institutional/media partner to help us promote the project.

    The film is a bold attempt at characterizing our contemporary, increasingly globalized, society through a prism of Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of liquid modernity. For decades Zygmunt Bauman has been painstakingly trying to disperse darkness surrounding the existence of an individual in the Western consumer society. He has been relentlessly pointing at the traps of free market economy and showing ugly flaws in the system, which for years have been officially glossed over. Despite his famous irony, he is in fact a passionate defender of some core values which are the prerequisites of a more equal and, simply, happier society. Our film presents in a nutshell Bauman’s vision of the world filled with concern, anxiety, but also – hope. By documenting Professor Bauman’s unique ideas, we intend to popularize his outstanding work and truly prophetic theories, which are concerned with the issues most of us can easily relate to.

    We are currently in the final phase of the project with the release date planned for the end of September, and we would like to popularize the movie in order to attract as much audience as possible. I am writing in hope that you might find the idea of the film interesting and worth supporting. Would it be possible for you to post some information about the movie on your website?

    More information about the project and the trailer are available at http://www.beinghumanthesedays.com/

    Please follow on Facebook

    I hope to hear from you very soon.

    Kind Regards
    Grzegorz Lepiarz

    • Dear Mr Lepiarz,

      what a wonderful idea! Certainly, Bauman deserves all the exposure he can get and I really look forward to seeing the finished film.

      I have just set up a post about this here.

      Is there a logo or image that I could put on the sidebar to promote the film? I’ll be happy to provide as much exposure as I can.

      Best of luck with this and I hope you have other such similar projects in the future.

  10. Dear SocProf,

    I just linked a post that I put up on
    to a page on your site:

    The link is in this paragraph, in the phrase “may be contributing”:
    Number of people, and possibly growing numbers of people especially among the younger generations, have difficulties with connecting individual components into coherent outcomes. Technology usage and digital media, while immensely helpful, may be contributing to some aspects of this phenomenon.

    I hope that you find this acceptable.

    If you know people who are interested in creativity usage related topics, please tell them about CreativityManagementNetwork.com.

    I do plan to work with educators and researchers in the areas that the above post describes. Step-by-step, I will get there, too.

    Thank you for maintaining your sociology blog!
    Thomas Eklund

    I didn’t introduce myself here much, but there’s a lot of information about me on my member page on CreativityManagementNetwork.com and in the pages that are described there – more than most people care to read 🙂

  11. Dear Professor Dubet,

    My name is Claudia Xie and I am the Public Relations Officer at US-China Today online magazine. Our magazine is a non-profit student-driven publication of the U.S.-China Institute at University of Southern California. The magazine focuses on the multidimensional and evolving U.S.-China relationship and on significant trends in contemporary China. If you would like to check out our magazine, please visit our website: http://uschina.usc.edu

    We recently published a well-researched interactive chart visualizing China’s population breakdown by age. As I come across your blog, I believe that the content may be interesting to you and to your readers. Please view the interactive chart here: http://uschina.usc.edu/article@usct?chinas_population_breakdown_by_age_17929.aspx

    If you find this interests you, please consider incorporate this in your blog, or help us share it with your readers. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments, please free feel to contact me at any time.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Best Regards,

    Claudia Xie

  12. Hi! Love the blog – especially the graphics. I run a small blog on American Politics and identify the problem in policts in America as to the parties being essentially oligarchical in nature. I have trees and cartoons as well as pieces and would be interested in any comments you might be kind enough to share 🙂

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