Skeptic Meets Sylvia Browne

So, there is this skeptic guy, Robert Lancaster, who has a website where he documents the vileness of Sylvia Browne. Browne’s fans keep emailing him that if only he met her, he would truly believe that she is a psychic. So, he decides to attend one of her shows in Las Vegas. Hilarity ensues, and Cectic has the evidence:


Ok, it didn’t exactly happen that way… just go read the story, it is really hilarious.


(The claws always crack me up)

A Well-Deserved Recognition

Via the BBC,

"Celine Dion is responsible for the world’s worst cover version, a poll of music experts has decided.

The Canadian star’s rendition of the AC/DC track You Shook Me All Night Long was given the dubious honour in the Total Guitar magazine survey.

Editor Stephen Lawson said Dion’s cover was "sacrilege".

The experts also judged the best cover versions, with Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the Bob Dylan song All Along the Watchtower top of the list.(…)

In the list of best covers, The Beatles’ rendition of Twist and Shout, first recorded by the Top Notes, was in second place, followed by the Guns N’ Roses version of the Wings’ song Live and Let Die.

Nirvana’s cover of The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie, and Muse’s Feeling Good, made famous by Nina Simone, also appeared in the top five."

I think it was in 2000 that Celine Dion said she was going to retire… and then, she came back. I don’t think she should have been allowed. To cheer us all up, Kathy Griffin in Celine:

I Have Been Tagged with the Latest Sociological Meme

From my brilliant colleague Tina at Sozlog:

“Pick sentence 6-8 on page 123 of the nearest book, write them down and pass the game on to 5 other bloggers.”

Tina’s annoyed with this, but I am not! I like memes! They’re like chain mails for the cool kids!

The book is Saskia Sassen’s A Sociology of Globalization. Here is the quote:

“One can no longer think of centers of international business and finance simply in terms of their corporate towers and corporate culture. The larges Western city of today concentrates diversity. Its spaces are inscribed with the dominant corporate culture but also with a multiplicity of other cultures and identities.”

Chew on that for a while… actually, this is typical global city speak from Saskia Sassen (who, by the way, is an absolutely delighful person and someone I consider THE Global Sociologist before that was a cool blogger pseudo… well, along with a few others :-)) .

Ok, I hereby tag

New Soc Prof

Kieran Healy

The Very Public Sociologist


Lisa and Gwen from Sociological Images

(I would have tagged Andrew but Tina beat me to it!)

Have at it, folks!