The Visual Du Jour – Visualizing Queen Songs

Someone is after my heart. Queen has long been one of my favorite bands, and now, someone has visualized and organized their songs by themes:

Now, if you are as big a fan as I am, you know that there were indeed four visions as each member of the band had his own specific composition style and they each individually composed very different sounding songs.

Brian May (ballads):

Roger Taylor (always more straight rock):

John Deacon (more conventional, soft/pop):

Freddy Mercury (baroque!):

The Visual Du Jour – Get Headbangin’

At least  in Scandinavia and Northern Europe (via Urban Demographics and originally from here):

No big surprise here. There are no reasons to have heavy metal in African or Asia. It’s just not cultural place for this genre. And yes, Scandinavia and Iceland are well known bastions of heavy metal bands. But Greece and Portugal? The original articles notes these but does not provide an explanation either.