Finally! A Star Trek Movie

Star Trek 2009 is, as far as I am concerned the first Star Trek movie, that is the only movie that truly captures the essence of the original series. The only other tolerable ST movie was Wrath of Khan. All the other movies, including the ST-TNG movies were really really bad and got worse as they went (The Undiscovered Country for TOS and Nemesis for TNG were just awful).

Now, finally here is a Star Trek movie that not only respects the ST lore but adds to it by exploring the early stages of the Kirk / Spock friendship as well as the constitution of the ST-TOS team (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Uhura, Sulu and Scotty), all youthfully brilliant. In this respect, the casting of this film was truly inspired. All the characters bring their own special kind of talent (fencing??) to the table to make the Enterprise the ship that it will become.

It is also nice to see a movie that weaves so well together character development and good story with attention to details (that mining Romulan ship was scary-looking) and does not get lost in its own time paradox storyline.

Sure, we can nitpick that the Vulcan does not get destroyed in the ST lore, nor does Spock’s mother die like that (she makes an appearance in TOS). But that does not matter as it helps to establish Spock’s character. Actually, the movie probably sets up a whole alternative timeline for the sequels that are sure to come.

For the whole Kirk / Spock friendship thing, just go read Lance Mannion.